May 24, 2024


Health Lasts Longer

Bali and its Calming Natural Charm

Vacation has become a necessity for everyone after being trapped at home for approximately two years. Everyone definitely needs refreshing or, in the recent term, ‘healing.’ Bali is one of the best options for tourist destinations to consider.

Bali has a very calming natural charm and can calm the hearts of its visitors. Tourists from abroad who want to visit the Island of the Gods must have a visa Bali. However, some foreign visitors can enter Bali without a visa.

Bali Opens Up to the World Again

The pandemic has forced many countries to close themselves to foreign tourists, including Indonesia. Now, Bali and Indonesia have been re-opened to foreign tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia. Visa is required to enter Bali.

Furthermore, at least nine nationalities are allowed to visit Bali without the need for a visa. The nine countries are Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. However, there are several conditions to follow:

1. Only for vacation

Tourists from these nine countries can enter Indonesia and Bali without a visa, only for vacation purposes. Other needs, such as work, study, and so on, are still required to have a visa.

2. Don’t pass the time limit

Foreign tourists from the nine countries who are allowed to enter Bali without a visa may only stay in Indonesia for 30 days. If foreign tourists plan to stay longer, a permit is still required.

3. Cannot be extended

The period of stay in Indonesia or Bali may not be extended. After 30 days, tourists without a visa from the nine countries mentioned above must leave the country. And of course, all tourists from the nine countries must prepare a valid passport.

Exploring Bali’s Natural Beauty

After arriving on the island of Bali, tourists can enjoy various charming natures. One of them is the West Bali National Park, known as West Bali National Park Trekking. What’s in this national park?

1. Beautiful Bali Myna

One of the best beauties that the West Bali National Park has is the Bali Myna. This bird is one of the rare species in the world and endemic in Bali. The numbers are so small that you probably won’t be able to see them anywhere else other than in Bali.

2. Calm mangrove forest

Want to calm down amid the beauty of nature? The mangrove forest in this national park will be the right place to get your complete ‘zen.’ You will find absolute serenity in this place.

3. Natural hot springs

Another way to cool off is to bathe in natural hot springs. This spot is located in the West Bali National Park. The natural water sources and the best natural scenery will definitely complete your journey to find your inner peace.

Plan a tourist visit to Bali with your family and enjoy an unforgettable experience amidst the expanse of Indonesian nature.