July 20, 2024


Health Lasts Longer




One of the significant aspects of a human being’s life is health and physical fitness without which it’s difficult to carry out the daily activities of life. There are many things whose consumption or excess consumption is found to be detrimental to health. Food delivery services should have a check and balance to avoid overconsumption of alcohol. Alcohol and its products like beer and wine are found to be one of the causes of health-related issues. 

Alcohol reduces the ability of the body to perform the required regular activities by affecting brain functions, respiratory system, thermoregulatory system, and as well as an effect on kidneys by enhancing the risk of dehydration.

Effect of alcohol on physical fitness and sports performance

Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration in the body because it is a diuretic and indirectly affects the performance of the kidneys. So because of any sports activity sweating occurs and due to the diuretic effect of alcohol leads to dehydration in the body.

 This ultimately affects physical fitness because water and other minerals are essential to keep the body hydrated during sports and exercise. Alternatively body balance, coordination is affected by using alcohol and other alcoholic products like wine and beer.

Alcohol and obesity

Alcoholic drinks like beer and wine contain a lot of calories which ultimately leads to weight gain. So to maintain good health and physical fitness, alcohol consumption must be avoided.

Alcohol and its adverse effects on health

There are many mixed views regarding alcohol consumption and is considered as one of the psychoactive substances that affect mood and mental state. The liver is an important organ in the human body that is involved in various functions. One of them is the detoxification of harmful substances. So the liver is most likely to be affected by alcohol intake. 

Accumulation of increased fat inside the liver is known as fatty liver and this disease is mostly found in those people who have increased consumption of alcohol. In severe cases, inflammation of the liver occurs which ultimately leads to cirrhosis of the liver. This condition of the liver is not reversible and a liver transplant is the only solution for this. 

Effect of alcohol on the brain

Increased alcohol consumption has a damaging effect on the brain cells. Communication between brain cells is reduced resulting in impaired brain function as well as symptoms of amnesia and dementia occurring in elderly people.

Increased alcohol consumption is also associated with heart diseases in some cases as weight gain is the main cause of this. In certain cases, cancer also occurs i-e liver cancer is the most leading cause of death. Moderate consumption is found to be effective in some cases and alcohol is taken as medicine


It is summarized from the above writing that everything has its pros and cons and should be used moderately. Excessive drinking habits make the person addicted to drinking alcohol as an excess of everything is bad results in detrimental health and physical fitness issues of the body.