June 1, 2023


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EHR Adoption Since ONC was established

ONC Turns 18 – Health IT Buzz


On April 27, 2004, President Bush signed Govt Buy (EO) 13335 and designed the Office environment of the National Coordinator for Wellness IT (ONC). Like tapping that to start with domino, this solitary motion is a vital minute in United States overall health IT record. Approximately two a long time later, US coverage and know-how management in well being IT is world-renowned.

Throughout this time, ONC has remained true to the 4 primary obligations forged by EO 13335 (paraphrased):

  1. provide as the Secretary’s principal advisor on the advancement, software, and use of health and fitness IT
  2. guarantee that health and fitness data technologies coverage and systems of the Section of Health and fitness and Human Expert services (HHS) are coordinated with these of pertinent executive department businesses
  3. coordinate outreach and session with public and personal get-togethers and
  4. supply reviews and suggestions on wellbeing IT at the ask for of the Business of Management and Funds.

The earlier 18 a long time has observed its share of remarkable, market-relocating activities, this sort of as the passage of the HITECH Act (2009) and 21st Century Cures Act (2016) as perfectly as key electronic wellness history (EHR) investments by HHS and the procurement of a commercial EHR procedure (ONC-accredited, I could add) by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Add in significant economical investments from the general public and private sectors as well as a considerable amount of money of “sweat equity” from supplier corporations and technological innovation developers and you can see why much more than 90 p.c of hospitals and almost the exact sum of medical doctor methods now use EHR systems. This spectacular change in what is arguably the most advanced sector of our financial system is a mammoth accomplishment.

Amidst these and other marquee moments, a couple of hundred previous and current team have come by way of ONCs ranks with a uncomplicated function in thoughts – to make the nation’s well being greater by way of the use of health IT. And that is what retains us heading. Obtaining started at ONC shortly soon after its initially birthday, there have undoubtedly been months and years in which the headwinds felt strong. But we persevered. Whilst there is no scarcity of function to be finished, it’s also critical to get stock of how considerably we have occur. Which is a testomony to all of the national coordinators (with whom I’ve experienced the privilege to provide) and the amazing continuity they’ve provided across administrations.

EHR Adoption Since ONC was established

Thank you to every person out there who has ever submitted a community remark, participated in an advisory committee, attended an ONC occasion, or supported an ONC project. We know if we invited you all, it would be 1 heck of a celebration!

As we celebrate our 18th birthday, it’s with a continued perception of satisfaction, patriotism, and optimism about the long run of well being.


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