June 21, 2024


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Key Benefits of Long Term Acute Care Hospitals

5 FAQs About Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

Having a specialization as a nurse can take you from your career. Since LTAC nurses have more skills and more responsibilities that’s why they are assigned to long-term acute care. They are more experienced in handling patients with special needs. The benefits of LTAC nurse staffing solutions in the healthcare industry are also good, that’s why most nurses are aiming to become LTAC nurses. Plus Long term acute care hospitals are designed in a specific way to assist critically ill patients. 

Key Benefits of Long Term Acute Care Hospitals

More Personalized Focus 

Long Term acute care hospitals have the same accreditation, license, and certification that of traditional hospitals. However, the good thing about LTAC facilities is that they offer more specific treatments for their patients. They equipped their facility with equipment that is suitable for patients who have critical conditions. Since they mainly focus on only one department compared with other hospitals that have many departments. Plus they are equipped with machines and apparatus used for specific conditions of patients who are admitted at the LTAC facility. LTACS are equipped with ventilators, monitoring machines, and other medical units as well as validated consumables and accessories that are helpful in a patient’s recovery. 

More Affordable Rates 

When it comes to the rate per day for long-term acute facilities they are 25 to 34% lower than other facilities. This can be a big difference since patients should stay a little bit longer in the facility and more money will be used. It will be practical for patients and their families to take the LTAC facility as the place where they can make their recovery since they don’t have to worry about paying a high bill for their stay. 

Reduce Hospital Readmission

A lower hospital readmission rate means that patients are able to recover during their stay with long-term care facilities. It means they are properly taken care of and provided with the needed equipment as well as satisfactory care and services from their skilled nurses. 

Proper Service and Support 

What does a long-term acute care hospital do? LTAC hospitals take care of patients with pulmonary issues, cardiac issues, patients recovering from serious burns and wounds as well as other critical illnesses that need a longer time to recover. That’s why LTAC facilities hire the best nurses they can get who can handle the patients and assist them with their needs. LTAC nurse duties include: monitoring the patient’s vitals through the machines, administering medicines, checking and reporting records to the physicians or head nurses and it is also their duty to explain to the patient and their families about the precautions needed for the patients. 

Why is LTAC Hospitals often the Right Choice? 

There are several reasons why people choose long term care facilities and here are some of them:


  • LTAC hospitals have the proper equipment to handle patients that are admitted here. Since they are only focusing on several conditions they have specific machines that can help their patients with their conditions. Proper equipment can help patients recover faster as well as make it easier for nurses and physicians to plan treatment for their patients. 
  • Physicians visit their patients every day in LTAC facilities which means they can be monitored closely and their conditions are closely looked on. 
  • LTAC facilities have their own laboratory, pharmacy, procedure room, radiology, and operating rooms. It will be more convenient for the patients and their families since everything the patients need is inside the facility. Having everything in one facility can be a better choice for patients who need regular treatments, it will be easier for them and less stressful for them.


Now that you have an idea of the key benefits of long-term acute care hospitals then you can opt to choose this facility if you need it or for your family. LTAC facilities have the same quality as hospitals but at a more affordable price so it will be a good choice. Recovery often takes long without the proper equipment and care but by staying at an LTAC facility you can be able to get satisfactory service and save yourself from paying bills that are too high. LTAC facilities are accredited enough to give the care their patient needs.