April 13, 2024


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How many times a man should have food in a day

Eating food for someone is a matter of fulfilling appetite while for many it is about enjoying the taste. A famous proverb circulates on the Internet regarding this situation, “Some people eat to live, whereas some live to eat”. Today the topic of discussion is how much should a man eat in a day (24 hours)? 

This is a question that has a varied response from most of the respondents. Many people follow the traditional system of eating three times a day i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as we know time always changes and with it, our lifestyle. So, nowadays nutritionists and diet experts have come up with two main eating methods. The first psychology is that we should eat at less but after short intervals. Currently, among youth, this psychology is in trend. 

Another psychology is similar to the tradition where eat more but less frequently. But before choosing any one of the methods understand the positives and negatives of each one. Neither of them is cent per cent correct nor incorrect. Consumption of food acts as fuel for the body to perform necessary functions. But the improper way of consumption of nutritious food can be unhealthy. This leads to the consumption of tables like Cenforce 100. In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of both methods of consuming food and analyse if any of the methods is good than the other. 

First method: Consume Less in Shorter Intervals

Health vloggers, medical experts and dieticians are mainstreaming this psychology of eating fewer calories but distributing the consumption through most part of the 24 hours. Here, one must take regular 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but in reduced amounts. The resultant calories are to be taken in form of snacks to fill the gap between each meal. Thus, the person is never empty stomach for more than 3 to 4 hours a day. 

The positives from this method are that it keeps away lethargy and sleepiness because the stomach is not full till the brim anytime. Thus, after working for a few hours, you feel hungry and much something then again work for some time and the cycle continues. But the supposition that eating fewer calories at shorter intervals boost metabolism as such is a myth. It has no scientific proof for validation. 

But the negative attached to this method is the execution. The plan seems great but many times it doesn’t work. Eating less makes us feel hungry and thus, we are unable to concentrate on our work/studies. Hence, such people consume excess calories in snacks to get rid of hunger. Thus, the plan doesn’t work. For newcomers, this will method will test willpower and determination because to change the habit from eating more to eating less than appetite is difficult. 

Second Method: Eat more in large intervals

In this method, the snacks that are used as fillers in the routine are not involved. You just have two or three meals and you need to take all the nutrients in those meals. This puts the digestive system under extreme stress. And after eating a large meal people tend to take rest and fall asleep. Thus, you may feel difficult to instantly work after eating. Hence, in today’s competitive environment you may face problems because your boss wouldn’t like you sleeping and delaying work. 

In this case, the person is empty-stomach for several hours, even if you count the time taken for digesting a meal. Thus, during the next meal people get out of control and almost eat everything in front of them which leads to overeating. Indigestion, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction are common in such people. For this reason, Vidalista 20 and Fildena Pills are often consumed by these people. 

What to do then?

As Buddha said follow the middle path so let’s follow. First of all, we should stay away from any of the gimmicks of eating in a good way. All you need to take care of is to consume a balanced diet. The body gives signals of overconsumption and less consumption, you just need to be more observant of your own body. 

  • Going for keto diets, intermittent fasting or any such diet regime should only be done under the strict supervision of the doctor. There have been instances of excess or deficiency of certain nutrients that have led to the loss of life. 
  • To avoid consumption of excess calories, follow your hunger. If you don’t feel the urge for eating skip the meal. Sometimes due to constipation appetite is reduced, use laxatives from Powpills to get rid of constipation. 


If you want to reduce the intake of calories then do it slowly. You cannot do it instantly as it will lead to you consuming extra calories the next day. Reduce the calories gradually each week or month and repeat it. Thus, your lifestyle gets habituated to the new eating amounts. Over time you will be able to perform the same activities but with fewer calories, thus, the efficiency of the body increases.