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How Courtney Stuck To The Plan And Lost Over 6 Stone.


How Courtney Stuck To The Plan And Lost Over 6 Stone.

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Hospital worker Courtney was unrecognisable to some of her colleagues after she lost over 6 stone.

Within her working environment, it could be a while between talking to colleagues in the large hospital, so much so that Courtney would have given Clarke Kent a run for his money when it came to disguises! Having lost over 6 stone Courtney, was unrecognisable and was enough for her to be reintroduced to people she already knew!

Courtney’s transformation has been a complete success in all areas of her life and we felt we should share her story with you. You can read her full journey, and how she lost just over 6 stone just below.


Discovering the New You Plan

NY: How did you discover the New You Plan?

COURTNEY: My sister-in-law actually told me about the plan. She’s a recruitment agent and one of her clients was doing the plan and told her about it, and my sister-in-law knew that I wanted to do something about my weight so she told me about the plan and I looked into it and the success stories so wanted to give it a go.

NY: Describe how you felt before starting the Plan.

COURTNEY: I felt depressed, fed up with my size and the way I looked. I hated looking at myself in mirrors I would avoid this because I was ashamed of the way that I looked. Also, I was fed up with feeling like this. After having my son at the beginning of lockdown, my weight spiralled out of control, and I knew I was unhealthy. So, when I discovered the new you plan, I was excited to start it, I was ready to get the new me back!


First impressions

NY: What was your first impression of the Plan?

COURTNEY: I was very impressed with just how much variety and selection of products there was so I knew there would be packs I would like. Also, l was impressed that the plan wasn’t a subscription-based service. You just pay for the food you want to order. This is the only meal replacement plan that I know of that offers this, and one of the reasons I went with it. Plus, the convenience of the products. Working a full-time job and having a baby to look after, the packs fit in perfectly with my busy schedule. I also loved the Secret Slimmers Facebook group, and how everyone was so friendly and supportive. Again, I don’t know of any other meal replacement plan that is this supportive to its members. Once I started the plan, it didn’t actually feel like I was on a diet at all! I was shocked at how much I could eat whilst doing the plan, and that I could still have sweet treats and lose weight!


NY: What was your first week like? (hurdles you overcame, first weeks weight loss, adjusting your life to the Plan etc.)

COURTNEY: In the first week I had bad headaches for the first 3-4 days, but I just kept up with my water intake and made sure to have all my daily packs and snack. By the second week, I felt great. In my first week, I lost 3.7kg (8.15lbs) and I was so so happy. The plan fit great around my work and home life and saved me so much time that I could then spend more time with my son.



Big results

NY: How long have you been on the PLan and how much have you lost?

COURTNEY: Altogether I have lost 6 stone and 8 pounds. It took me 7 months to lose this, and I have been maintaining it since.


NY: What are your favourite meals and snacks? Can you give an example of a typical daily menu?

COURTNEY: During weekdays I would have a shake for breakfast with 2 shots of espresso. I’d choose either the chocolate, cafe latte, vanilla, caramel or Hazelnut shake. Then for lunch, I would have one of the soup packs, either the chicken, mushroom, tomato or leak. Then when I get home, I would make a meal pack for dinner, either the carbonara, 4 cheese pasta, cottage pie, sweet & sour noodles, spicy noodles, veg chilli or Mexican tacos. All of these I would make on the hob as I found they taste better that way. When having the veg chilli or Mexican tacos, I would have the chicken tortilla crisps with it. Those and the BBQ crisps are my faves. For dessert, I would make one of the chocolate brownie packs or the salted caramel. If I want something quick, I will have one of the bars, either a crispy chocolate peanut bar, crispy caramel, maple & fruit almond or muesli bar. On the weekends, I will make either the chocolate or apple and cinnamon porridge, the caramel muesli, or my recently discovered favourite maple pancakes for breakfast. Because I’m at home I will have a meal pack for lunch, and for dinner. If I don’t have a packet of crisps for my snack that day, I will have one of my other favourite snacks, either the chocolate cream wafer, the vanilla cream wafer, or the peanut crunch high protein snack bar.


Emerging victorious

NY: What was your biggest non-scale victory?

COURTNEY: I recently went clothes shopping and I was able to buy clothes in a size small and extra small. I have never been able to fit into a S or XS! Honestly, that was one of the best moments!


NY: What was your biggest motivator for staying on Plan?

COURTNEY: There are a few, My son – I want to be a healthy role model for him. My own personal health – both of my parents have health issues due to being overweight and I don’t want to be the same and have the same issues. Plus just how far I have already got to on the plan, and not wanting to go back and mess up all the hard work I had accomplished.


 How has the Plan changed your life?

COURTNEY: It’s given me my life back, my identity back, the person I was before I had my son. I never thought in a million years I could look and feel like this! And now, I can’t stop looking at the new me in the mirror!

NY: How has your health improved?

COURTNEY: I am now able to walk to work and back home, run up flights of stairs with a mask on and not be out of breath. I have more energy, I used to suffer from severe acne, and now my skin has been clear ever since I started on the plan. Also, I look so much younger and have gone from a women’s UK size 18-20 to a 10-12!



Making memories

NY: Since losing weight, what is your happiest memory?

COURTNEY: Being fit enough to play with my son and not get out of breath. And for my husband to be able to get his arms around me, and pick me up!


 What is the nicest compliment you have received since losing weight?

COURTNEY: Not one specific compliment, but just most days, for the past like 7 months (I have been on the Plan for around 10 months), someone will always compliment me, either saying how amazing I look, how skinny I am (they call me skinny mini now!), how amazing I have done, that I look like a different person (in a good way). I work in a hospital, and last week, one of our regular consultants came into my office to speak with someone, and she started to introduce herself to me as if we didn’t already know each other. I took my glasses off, stood up and told her it was me, and she was in complete and utter shock lol!

NY: What advice would you offer anyone thinking of starting the Plan

COURTNEY: Do it! Just make your first order and do it, you have nothing to lose (but weight) and I can guarantee you will not regret it. If you stick with the Plan you WILL see results. If you’re finding it difficult to stick to, just visualize what you want to look like. Remember the reason you started and keep reminding yourself of that. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find out about this plan sooner. This plan works 100%. 


Smashing Results


We love that Courtney had transformed so much that some of her colleagues didn’t even recognise her! It’s the ultimate compliment.


The fact that Courtney lost over 6 stone is a big deal and has changed her life completely. She is healthier, has more energy, is happier and has successfully achieved everything she set out to. She is no longer at risk of weight-related illnesses that she feared she would take on from her parents and has become an excellent role model to her son.


Courtney embraced the Plan, ate her favourite foods and engage with the Secret Slimmers to gain support when she was in need.


Well done Courtney – you lost over 6 stone and you smashed it!


If you have a transformation story to tell or want to start your own, then get in touch with our friendly customer service team or head on over to our website or app.


The time is now to start a new you with New You.


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