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Helium Mining Scam Or Legit? (2022)


This is a complete article on iHub Global company. 

In this iHub Global Review, I will show you,

  • What is the iHub Global Mining Platform?
  • HNT Token
  • iHub Global Compensation Plan
  • And Lot’s more

Let’s dive into this topic.

What is iHub Global?

iHub Global is a relatively new platform that guarantees benefits from mining cryptocurrency. The company claims that, for earning huge revenue for individuals, it is the most branded and reputed Mining Network. 

The main goal is to help you mine helium tokens in this case. Therefore, you can mine Helium token (HNT) anywhere including hotspots which makes it an affordable process.

Who Founded iHub Global?

iHub Global started in early 2021. Rick Cotton is the founder and CEO of iHub Global and Chuck Hanson is the co-founder and VP of Marketing. The other Directors of iHub Global are Michael Stern, Eliza Kankovic, Thomas Gallagher, as well as John Cream, and others

Basically, when you join the iHub Global company, you need to set up Helium Hotspot and receive a reward in the form of an HNT token.

Helium devices focus on setting up LoRaWAN, a long-range wide-area wireless network that can connect devices up to 5 Kilometers away. Nebra, Bobcat, Calchip, and Rack Hall are some of the other companies listed on the site that make and sell helium hotspot devices.

Company Profile of iHub Global

Company Name iHub Global
Founder Rick Cotton & Chuck Hanson
Started 2021
Head Office Ocala, Florida
Products Helium Hotspot Devices
Email ID [email protected]

What Is Helium (HNT) Project?

HNT is a cryptocurrency based on Helium blockchain modern technology.  Shawn Fanning, Amir Halim, and Shawn Carey founded this Helium technology in 2013 in Florida, USA.

The main goal of Helium is to create a Global Hotspot Network to Connect IoT Gadgets. IoT (Internet of Things) devices include smart bikes, tracking devices, smart home gadgets, and other devices that can connect to the Internet to exchange data.

Helium Technology needs a connection link to connect the Device to other Mines for creating a Hotspot Network. Each helium hotspot minor device is connected to the global network and the owners of the hotspot tool receive incentives for mining.

How Does iHub Global Work?

In this complete iHub Global Review article, you will understand very easily the working process of iHub Global. It is very simple.

Basically, first, you need to open a free account on the platform and then complete all essential details of yourself on a Free Enrollment Page. As soon as possible, you will be asked to book your cost-free helium hub gadget.

When you click on the web link, you will be directed to the Helium website, where you will be logged in with your iHub global login and password. Then fill in your details with the address to which you want to register your helium center.

As soon as it is done, Helium sends a hotspot network to your gadget after that you can start sharing your authorized iHub global web links. The last step would be to start sharing your affiliate links to attract more miners to get some percentage commission from their mine production as well.

How to Join iHub Global?

Mainly, it is free of cost to join iHub Global but authors need to set up their helium hotspot via iHub Global.

There are two options available for those people who want to join the iHub Global and lock the Hotspot.

  1. Lock with lease
  2. Lock with deposit.

Rates start at $350 and individuals have the option to choose different models when joining. Affiliates have to pay a $99 application cost, so suspect that iHub Global could be a scam or even a pyramid scheme.

iHub Global Products

To say about the Products of the company, iHub Global offers an Emrit Hotspot helium network token mining. You can start Helium Token of HNT mining, once the gadget is connected with the network and fully configured.

By the way, it is sorry to say, you should be an affiliate to buy the tool first. The FTC has put them in danger of being recognized for being a pyramid scheme. It s because when Partners in any type of online marketing scheme ask you to join under their network so that you too can start earning.

iHub Global Compensation Plan

Oh, buddy, this is the most important part of the iHub Global Review where I’ll explain how an Affiliate can earn money from the Ihub Global Compensation Plan.

Typically, When Affiliates host a hotspot, they become eligible to earn 25% of the total mining revenue. And, the rest of the revenue is maintained by iHub Global and distributed to authorized users.

You need to Create a Personalize Downline and start earning with earning from the iHub Global company.

There are mainly 4 types of teams: 

  1. Pro
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver a
  4. Gold. 

Note: The Percentage of the commission depends on the size of the Team.

Moreover, there are other many  different ways of earning money with iHub Global Company such as:

Personally Recruited Affiliates Team 
1-5 Affiliates Pro Team
6-15 Affiliates Bronze Team
16-25 Affiliates Silver Team
26 and above Gold Team

1. Referral Reward Program

The company will pay a 20% referral reward to the Affiliate for developing each hotspot.

For example, If 20% of the total HNT is generated from the Pro team by an Affiliates, 20% of the total HNT from the Bronze team, and referral rewards for affiliates.

2. Coded Bonus 

The coded bonus is similar to recurring payments. Coded Bonus from the iHub Global company is achieved as a percentage of the HNT that is dug up by the teams downline the affiliate. 

The Commission Percentage of the Bonus depends on the type and size of the Team.

Downline Team  Percentage of Bonus 
Bronze Team 5%
Silver Team 10%
Gold Team 15%

3. Pro Network Bonus 

Pro Network Bonus is paid as the percentage of HNT first 5 people.

In this income, If you are part of a pro team, you earn 20% from the entire HNT, 25% profit from being in the bronze group, 30% from the silver team, and 35% from the total HNT if you belong to the gold group.

Suppose, if you are a member of a pro team, so that, you will get:

  • 5% commission from each bronze team member
  • 15% commission from each Silver Team members
  • 20% commission from each Gold Team member

Is iHub Global a Scam?

According to my research and analysis of the iHub Global review, iHub Global is not a scam.

It is a legit Crypto Mining platform for crypto mining among many other things.

The company uses a free opportunity to earn extra money from you through a fully automated pilot helium coin mining center. They offer a simple way to participate in their mining hub program regardless of your location or background.

Is iHub Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Probably, Yes. iHub Global is a Pyramid Scheme. The Company running its business model is similar Despite running on a business model similar to Multi-level Marketing or pyramid schemes.

What is the Future of Helium Project & HNT?

As we understand in the working style of iHub Global Company in the upper of the this iHub Global Review, the company entirely relay on the Helium. Commissions are mainly rewarded in HNT Token and as a cryptocurrency, its value is highly volatile. Therefore, the value of the commission depends on per second.

Personally, I’ve been fascinated with projects like Helium Hotspot to bring all IoT devices to one table. But practically there is a big challenge ahead of Helium. Operating hotspot mining devices requires uninterrupted high-speed Intent connection and High Voltage Power supply, which is a big challenge to deal with.

In any case, if the Mining of the HNT Project falls, your all invested money in hardware will be wasted because we cannot dig another cryptocurrency with it. To sum up, Helium’s project sounds interesting, but there are additional provisions to create a human network with helium hotspot devices.

Conclusion of Full iHub Global Review 

Nowadays, People are more passionate to learn about Cryptocurrency mining, Blockchain, and Web3.O. So, That says it iHub Global is very They say it is a very modern platform for cryptocurrency trading. Nevertheless, the company’s activities reveal that affiliate subscriptions are the firm’s main source of income.

By the way, It’s all about the iHub Global company profile, About, Helium (HNT) Project, and iHub Global compensation plans. I hope you got complete information from this iHub Global review.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you Belive in Cryptocurrency is the Next Revolution?

What’s the most important information, you are finding in the iHub Global Review?

Let me know in the comments section now.

iHub Global Review

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