June 21, 2024


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All You Need to Know About Medical Tattoos

How Much of Your Medical History Should Your Tattoo Artist Know?

Tattoos have been a popular way to exhibit our individuality and self-expression since a long time. And the trend and craze of tattooing one’s body have gone too far. However, this presumably cool act of tattooing is not just done for decorative or aesthetic reasons.

There is now a branch of tattooing that offers so much more to people. This branch is called medical tattooing and it helps thousands of people around the globe every year.

If you are unaware of what a medical tattoo is and the terms related to it, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you get to know some exciting information regarding medical tattoos. So, let’s begun without any further delay.

What is a Medical Tattoo?

Medical tattooing is usually reserved for people who have a medical ailment or the effects of a medical illness that has impacted their appearance. Medical tattoos are similar to normal tattoos but they done for two major resons. One is for medicinal reasons, while the other is for aesthetic reasons. 

The procedure is similar to semi-permanent make-up as ink or minute damage is introduced into the skin to induce collagen or a natural colour shift. There are other techniques as well and they have a permanent or temporary result.

Please note that medical tattoos are usually permanent, but they can be made semi-permanent if the patient desires. Additionally, these tattoos can also be erased by laser tattoo removal or covered up with another tattoo if the patient no longer requires it.

What Kind of Inks Are Used for Medical Tattoos?

Medical tattoos can be made by using various inks, but which one gets used for a particular patient depends on the application. Traditional inks can be used for patients who are okay with it, and organic inks are also available.

Benefits of Medical Tattoo

Now that you know what a medical tattoo is, it is time to discuss its benefits. Here is a list of some noteworthy benefits, have a look-


Imagine a situation where a patient is not in their senses and needs medical help; how will they tell their condition to someone? How is the doctor supposed to understand what they are going through? Well, the way is a medical tattoo that provides necessary information about the ailment  to the healthcare worker in such a situation. 

Covers Scar

Many a time, people suffer from injuries or have an operation that leaves them scared. The scar doesn’t look good and lowers the confidence of most people. However, if the scar is covered with a medical tattoo, the issue can be resolved. 

It improves their self-esteem and reminds them of their strength and perseverance.

Reconstruction of Areolas 

Almost 20,030 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2021 in Australia, and it is a big number. Some people are lucky and get saved after getting multiple medical procedures done. But in some cases, the nipular area is removed along with other parts of the breast, and most people don’t get a breast reconstruction surgery done.

As a result, the natural look of areolas and nipples gets compromised, which affects the patient’s confidence. But not anymore, as medical tattooing can create a look of natural areolas and boost a patient’s confidence. 

Summing Up

Medical tattoos are no less than a blessing for people who don’t feel confident or have suffered from terrible medical conditions. They not only help in saving lives but also help in improving the confidence of patients.

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