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90 Second Keto Bread is microwavable, easy to make and only takes 90 seconds to bake

90 Second Keto Bread – Microwavable, Low Carb


90 Second Keto Bread is microwavable, easy to make and only takes 90 seconds to bake

A few years back, I ventured into the world of Keto. At that time I was looking for a good low carb, microwavable 90 second keto bread that was not only quick and easy, but tasty!

I found a few different recipes for a low-carb 90 Second Keto Bread. I tried them all, but the recipes seemed incomplete.

One recipe the bread was so thin that when I’d slice it in half, it would be flimsy and wouldn’t stay together. Epic fail!

Other recipes the bread tasted too egg-y or the flavor was just “off”.

I decided to use the recipes I found and adjust the ingredients and technique until I developed the most perfect 90 Second Keto Bread recipe I’ve ever tried!

BTW, if you’re on either the 17 Day Diet or the 17 Day Kickstart Diet, this recipe can be used for both. Keep reading as I give you exactly which cycle/phase and modifications, if any, to this recipe.

The PERFECT 90 Second Keto Bread - the BEST you'll ever taste! YUM

Here’s how it’s done. It’s super easy, but I’ll show you step by step:

90 Second Keto Bread Step-by-Step

I’m a firm believer in using unsalted butter when baking (or microwaving in this case). You can control the flavor by the amount of salt you add to it.

You’ll take your unsalted butter, add it to a large mug or a bowl and pop it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, or until just melted.

I like to use a 2-cup glass ramekin like you see in the photo below. It makes the PERFECT size round piece of bread – it resembles the size of an english muffin.

90 Second Keto Bread - melt your butter in a mug or small bowl

You can remove your butter from the microwave after most of it is melted – in other words, you can take it out when you still have unmelted butter in your dish as the remaining butter will melt without overheating the butter.

You don’t want to add your egg to the butter until it’s cooled a bit. Otherwise, you’ll have a scrambled egg mess on your hands!

Melt your butter in the same bowl you're making your 90 Second Keto Bread In

While your melted butter is cooling, you’ll grab your dry ingredients and add them to a separate dish.

If you’re like me and keep your blanched almond flour in the freezer, the flour will clump up so make sure you smooth out the clumps and allow your flour to come close to room temperature.

Almond Flour is low carb and the main ingredient in this 90 Second Keto Bread

Next, add your baking powder (I use an aluminum-free brand), a pinch of salt, and thoroughly mix the ingredients together. You don’t want any clumps in your batter.

I like to use Maldon Sea Salt Flakes as it has a very mild flavor and it comes from the coast off England!

90 Second Keto Bread needs a leavening agent to help it rise

Once your butter mixture is cooler (not cold, but not super hot), add your egg to the butter and beat it thoroughly with a fork.

This is an important step – you want to make sure that all the whites of the egg are completely broken down or you’ll have weird egg-white texture throughout your bread.

You'll mix your egg into your cooled butter for the 90 Second bread

Once your egg and butter mixture is perfectly blended, add your dry ingredients to your mug or bowl.

Add your dry ingredients into your wet for the 90 Second Keto Bread

This is another extremely important step.

I find that when I mix all the ingredients very well, not only will your bread be consistent when microwaved, but it will also be a bit lighter in texture instead of too dense.

Make sure you scrape the sides of your mug or bowl so any excess mixture is placed into the bowl.

After you mix the wet and dry ingredients well, scrape the sides of the dish before baking your 90 Second Keto Bread

Place your mug or bowl into the microwave for 90 seconds or until completely cooked. Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and place it upside down on a small plate.

As your bread cools, your bread will gently fall out of the bowl onto the plate. You may have to give it a nudge or two, but there is plenty of butter in this recipe to allow a gentle release!

Allow your bread to cool slightly and slice in half – I use a small plate that has a bit of a lip on it. It’s the perfect size plate to provide as a guide when slicing so I have a evenly-sliced pieces of bread.

Allow your 90 Second Keto Bread to cool before removing it from the glass baking dish and before you slice it in half

I love toasting my bread in the toaster as it gives it a nuttier flavor and the texture is awesome!

Toasting the bread also makes the bread a bit more sturdy to handle when eating!

I love using my 90 Second Keto Bread for all types of things – I love making an Avocado Benedict (I usually skip the sauce), enjoy spreading a smear of peanut butter over one piece, or keeping it simple with a pad of butter melted over the top.

Perfect 90 Second Keto Bread with Avocado

I’ve even made a BLT with Avocado using my 90 Second Keto Bread.

The sky is the limit! I think maybe my next meal might be french toast!

90 Second Keto Bread for the 17 Day Diet

This low carb bread recipe is 17 Day Diet friendly, but with a minor tweak – instead of butter, you can use Olive Oil and you’ll be 100% compliant.

This 90 Second Keto Bread recipe is approved for Cycle 3 of the 17 Day Diet (this is the cycle that almonds are allowed).

90 Second Keto Bread for the 17 Day Kickstart Diet

This low carb bread recipe is also 17 Day Kickstart Diet friendly, too!

This 90 Second Keto Bread recipe can be made for the 17 Day Kickstart Diet as-is and is compliant on the 10-Day Stabilize Phase when all nuts, seeds and butter are allowed.

Side note: If you have the Kickstart Diet book, you’ll see plenty of recipes using almond flour that are approved in the 4-Day Soak Up Phase. I’m not sure if this is a mistake, or intentional. Either way, almond flour is a great low carb alternative to wheat or white flour.

Please come back and let me know how you enjoyed my 90 Second Keto Bread and how you served it!

 90 Second Keto Bread - easy to make and tastes so yummy!


    1. Add butter to a large mug or bowl (I use a 2-cup glass ramekin – it makes the perfect size round piece of bread). Place in microwave for about 45 seconds, or until butter is thoroughly melted.
    2. Remove butter from microwave and allow to sit and cool. While cooling, mix dry ingredients together in a separate bowl. Set aside.
    3. Once butter has cooled slightly, add egg to melted butter and lightly beat with a fork until egg is completely beaten and better and egg are well combined. You don’t want to add the egg while the butter is too hot or you’ll have scrambled eggs!
    4. Add dry ingredients to butter and egg mixture and mix until well combined. Scrape the sides of the bowl with your fork to force any excess mixture from the sides into the dish.
    5. Place in microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds (90 seconds total), or until bread is cooked through.
    6. Remove from mug or bowl. Allow to cool for a minute. Slice in half, brown slightly in toaster and enjoy!


Approved for diets:
Keto Diet
17 Day Diet – Cycle 3 (use Olive Oil instead of butter)
17 Day Kickstart Diet – 10-Stabilize Phase (see notes above in post)

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