May 29, 2024


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4 Strategies That Will Bring The Best Candidates Through The now hiring sign

8 Employee Recruitment Strategies for Successful Hiring

Are you looking for then highly qualified and genuinely motivated professionals who would be the appropriate staff for your company? Then you can’t possibly make the mistake of creating a generic “now hiring” banner. The signboard will definitely bring in the unemployed people for the interview, but only a few may be potential candidates. 

The checklist below will help you find out how to make a simple signboard special with some basic additions and modifications. 

  1. Straightforward headline

Within a millisecond of viewing the signboard, a viewer should be able to understand that you are hiring. Although the concept is simple, many business owners make the mistake of being smart and creating a clever main headline. But the lack of an upfront and clear message will confuse the viewers. 

The headlines that work well include:

  • Now hiring
  • Join our team
  • Apply now
  • Apply today
  • Help wanted

And more. Even if someone is driving by the yard sign, there is no chance that the person will miss the fact that your business is hiring. 

  1. Post of vacancies

The last thing you want is the mailbox overflowing with resumes from candidates who don’t have the qualification or experience for the necessary job post. And it’s not a mistake on the part of the applicants if you don’t list the specific open positions or the job titles. 

For instance, if you own a software company, putting up the now hiring sign can imply that you are looking for senior engineers or some back-office staff, or even some facility maintenance staff. Whom do you want?

Being clear about the vacant position will help reduce the number of relevant applicants, and you will also waste less time going through the resumes. 

  1. Business name and logo

If your organization has an immense reputation in the market, there will be hundreds of candidates waiting for a vacancy at the reputed concern. In that case, the name of the business and your company’s logo will immediately send a message loud and clear that you are looking for quality professionals. 

But when your company is a startup, then you should not refrain from putting the logo and name on the signboard. A logo attracts candidates to the company as the name and logo can inspire a sense of trust and hope. 

  1. Clear call-to-action

Don’t forget to share how you want the candidates to reach the company. Just like the headline, the call-to-action should be very clear and obvious. After reading the sign, a viewer should know exactly what to do for the application. 

A few notable calls to action can be like the following:

  • Drop off the resume inside
  • Apply at [website URL]
  • Email your resume at [email address]
  • Inquire at the front desk
  • Walk-in on [date] at [time]

The display of a QR code linking to the relevant hiring page on the company’s website will be a modern technique to help the interested candidates further. 

The above strategies will also help get the best candidates for the post and maintain the consistency of work quality at the company.